The 26th anniversary of PetroVietnam General Services Joint Stock Corporation (PETROSETCO): the distinguished feature of PETROSETCO

20/06/2022 08:07:13 AM
Founded in June 1996, PetroVietnam General Services Corporation (PETROSETCO) operates mainly in the fields of catering and tourism services. Formerly known as a state-owned enterprise providing services only to the petroleum industry, in 2009, after the successful equitization, PETROSETCO started transforming to attain a new face, a new position, and become a reputable multi-segment service brand inside and outside the petroleum industry. The restructuring continued to be strongly carried out by PETROSETCO from 2010 to 2015, helping the Corporation to operate more effectively.

PETROSETCO's board of leaders builds the corporate culture foundation with 4 core values " Determination - Professionalism - Humanity - Effectiveness".
Up to now, PETROSETCO has become a big name in the field of multi-disciplinary services, with a business network spreading over the whole territory of Vietnam. Most recently, for the first time, PETROSETCO has been honored to become one of the 50 best companies in 2022 recognized by Forbes Vietnam, and also one of the top 4 retail enterprises in the list. This event has further affirmed PETROSETCO's position as a strong general service business that stands out in the market with the rapid and stable growth year by year.

The stable corporate culture foundation 

Set up as a unit providing from the simplest services such as cooking, serving, cleaning, to performing specific supply services for the petroleum industry, then starting to grow in the commercial business and distributing goods to a wide range of markets, PETROSETCO has gradually built a solid corporate culture foundation with 4 core values ​​" Determination - Professionalism - Humanity - Effectiveness" spread deeply in each worker of the company.

"Determination" is the enthusiasm to pursue the goal to the end; to be willing to accept challenges; to be proactive and creative in finding solutions to do their jobs.

“Professionalism” means always doing all the planned work with the best skills, especially in providing quality products and services, in order to meet the maximum demands of customers. "Humanity", is to jointly build a PETROSETCO environment which is knowledgeable, cultured, civilized and goodwill-oriented; care about the interests of employees, ensure fairness in the organization, make efforts to contribute to the community. Finally, "Efficiency" means a clear understanding of goals and tasks, in order to have the most suitable solutions for customers, partners and teams, thereby always ensuring optimal efficiency in all aspects.
With all enthusiasm of professional service members and core values cultivated day by day, PETROSETCO's staff has constantly strived to improve services with high quality in order to meet the increasingly diverse and demanding requirements of customers.
Until now, with extensive experience in providing services on offshore projects such as drilling rigs, service ships, and onshore constructions such as industrial parks, office buildings, and the like, PETROSETCO has accounted for more than 90% of the market shares of catering in the petroleum industry and is expanding strongly to foreign markets, meeting international standards for quality, safety, professionalism and competitiveness. Besides the traditional catering segment, distribution is considered the most important service segment, contributing over 60% of PETROSETCO's profit proportion, including distribution of telecommunications equipment, electronics, refrigeration, petrochemical products, organic fertilizers and other products. With a professional working style, a modern and strict management system, and an extensive customer network, PETROSETCO has been a reliable partner of many big brands in the world.

It is “Human” that determines the trademark

The chairman of the Board of Directors of PETROSETCO Phung Tuan Ha once affirmed: “A strong brand is not only derived from production and business results, but also originates from business ethics and service attitude of people who make that brand.” Indeed, starting from a low point, with no core business, no foundational asset strengths, PETROSETCO has gone through many ups and downs, through many times when it was forced to choose challenging and risky turns… PETROSETCO brand is always associated with creation passion, daring to take risks and determination. However, the brand shines indeed when the element of “handy– dedicated”, and later “professional- dedicated” is harmonized and thoroughly absorbed among the staff.

Over the last two-year period 2020-2021, we have witnessed the unforgettable situation that the world economy was completely shaken by the sudden appearance of the Covid-19 pandemic and a series of its variants spreading rapidly. For the first time, Vietnam's growth in the third quarter of 2021 has fallen deeply (- 6.17%) and been the deepest decline since the quarterly GDP calculation announced. Not outside that storm, PETROSETCO has faced many difficulties when all business segments were seriously affected by the epidemic. With the characteristics of providing services such as building management, industrial catering, labor services, logistics, etc., PETROSETCO's employees often have to come into contact with a large number of customers in public places. facilities, factories, thus the risk of spreading and spreading disease is extremely high.
To deal with that situation, PETROSETCO's Board of Directors had made the best efforts possible in speeding up the vaccination schedule for all employees, implementing "3 on-site" for the kitchens, building technical staff, etc. warehouse staff, at the same time deploying emergency support packages for employees… Simultaneously, they quickly came up with scenarios and plans, management solutions, and timely response to changes of market movements as well as epidemic developments... All of them were directed towards the ultimate goal of ensuring safety and health for workers and maintaining stable production and business activities. Furthermore, at the peak of the epidemic, Petrosetco also overcame all obstacles and dangers to access the vaccine source and successfully organized a vaccination campaign for all employees and partners of the oil industry in Ho Chi Minh City area, contributing to maintaining the safe operation of the Oil Group in difficult period.

It is at the most difficult times that the admirable spirit of energy and courage to overcome difficulties of PETROSETCO employees really shines. With the drastic, timely and effective decisions of the Board of Directors, together with the efforts and consensus of all employees, in the year of 2021 with countless difficulties, PETROSETCO has achieved impressive numbers when completing the set plan 2 months in advance, the year's revenue and profit recorded the highest in history: Revenue of 17,598 billion VND, exceeding 17% of the year plan, up 31% over the same period in 2020; Profit before tax is 415.3 billion dong, exceeding 66% of the year plan and increasing 2 times over the same period in 2020.